To Purchase Oyster Lodge Oyster Floats

YOU CAN PURCHASE WITH ASSURANCE- You have zero financial risk.

Your Triple Guarantee:

1st- Chesapeake River Restoration provides a Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee to all Maryland Residents.  The company is Licensed, Bonded and Insured for your assurance.

2nd– Maryland State Form 502CR “CREDIT FOR AQUACULTURE OYSTER FLOAT” (page 2 Part D 1.) Guarantees you get 100% of your money back instantly, when you file your Maryland Income Taxes, if you have Maryland Taxable income over $11,632 and you file the form properly.  (it’s easy) (See our Tax Credit page for details) We do not offer tax advice. (This second guarantee  is available only to Maryland Residents)

3rd– For Non Maryland Residential Waterfront Homeowners, we provide a 30 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

  • We do business the old fashion way. One on One with the Joy of face to face  or voice inflection phone interaction.  Please call us at Verizon cell telephone number 757-672-9999.  Please do not be offended if we do not answer immediately.  Your call is important! You could also text the cell phone, or e-mail me at [email protected]  Text/e-mail response time is slower due to the fact that most of the time we are either:
    • building, (cutting and grinding- can’t hear phone),
    • Packing or unpacking,
    • Driving safely and not texting, (It is illegal to drive in MD with a cell phone unless you have a hands free device-(which we do not))
    • On a homeowners dock like yours, installing floats (phones and docks and bag of tools is not a good idea.  Something will end up in the water. We don’t mind the tools or Mike going in, but not the phone!
    • Also being retired, Mike sometimes take vacations with his wife and family.  We will try and put that on voicemail and autoreply to e-mail when this happens if we can get a house sitter.  Without a house sitter, the message itself poses a home security risk.

We may have already had the pleasure of meeting you after a knock on your door or by introduction of a friend or neighbor.  If so, we wanted you to be able to size us up with a look in the eye with a shake of the hand.  If we haven’t met yet, we look forward to it. Our clients are just friends we have not met yet.

Oyster Lodge price is $500.00. each The cost could be $0 for 2 floats if you qualify!

For each Maryland Residential Waterfront Homeowner or Deeded boat slip owner that qualifies per the Oyster Tax Credit page this is how it works out.

Tax Credit made simple- Every dollar you spend on an oyster float is one less dollar you have to send into Maryland at income tax time. (up to $1,000 if each joint homeowner purchases 1).


    $ 500.00  1 Lodge  for 1st homeowner

 +$ 500.00 2nd Lodge for 2nd homeowner

   $1,000.00 for 2 Oyster Lodges

  –$1,000.00 Maryland Tax Credit

  $0,000.00   Your cost!

You pay yourself back that $1,000 or $500 the instant you send in your check for Maryland State Income Tax because, that check will be $500 or $1,000 less –  due to you purchasing the Oyster Lodge(s). So in the end the Oyster Lodges are truly no cost to you!  Some might even say FREE!

In Diagram form it looks like this:

Tax credit slide

You also get:

  • Free Oyster Lodge oyster float Delivery
  • Free Oysters! (up to 1000 of 1/2 inch oysters)
  • Free Oyster Lodge oyster float Assembly
  • Free Oyster Lodge oyster float Installation
  • Free Oyster delivery of up to 1000 ½ inch oysters (delivery date of oysters dependent on Oyster spawning/growing season)
  • Free transfer of oysters to new self-cleaning, no maintenance, high capacity, compact, Oyster Lodge from old high maintenance oyster float
  • Free demolition of old and/or outdated oyster floats
  • Free E-mail electronic link to Maryland form 502CR or printed copy (Maryland Only)
  • Free-Tax season e-mail reminder to you to use you Maryland “Credit for Aquaculture Oyster Floats” tax credit. (Maryland Only
  • Free-Tax season e-mail reminder to your tax preparer to ensure they include your “Credit for Aquaculture Oyster Floats form 502CR” Maryland Only
  • Secret Free service we only explain to customers who purchase the Oyster Lodge.

P.S. TIME SAVER- If you want to leave a voice-mail on Verizon phones, you can interrupt that pesky recording at any time and just hit the * on your keypad.  It will beep and you can immediately start talking to leave your voice-mail. Give it a try!