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Oyster Recovery Partnership has all the links you would want readily available at their site.  This is a great educational website that links you with all the large efforts going on to restore oysters into the Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries. It has both history and more current information.

Bay Journal Search results about oysters that will give you plenty to read.

Nature Conservancy search results about oysters that will give you plenty to read.

Southern Maryland Online


Government Links:Comptroller of Maryland

Comptroller of Maryland Web page has a pull down menu labeled “2012 Individual Tax Forms”. Left click on the down arrow and then left click on their “502CR – Tax Credit

Direct Link to Form 502CR

State of Maryland Health Advisory for Oyster Gardeners Health advisory for Oyster Gardeners. Yes This is one document you are required to read by the state.   It is only one page and type is not very small.  Directly related to that is the Standard Restaurant menu warning for Oysters:  “CONSUMER INFORMATION:  There may be risks associated when consuming shellfish as in the case with other raw protein products.  If you suffer from chronic illness of the liver, stomach or blood, or if you are pregnant, or if you have other immune disorders, you should eat these products fully cooked.

State of Virginia, Department of Health advisory for Oysters. Similar to Maryland’s  above.

Maryland Oyster Gardening Guidea lot of good information but doesn’t necessarily all apply to the Oyster Lodge

State of Maryland Oyster Gardening Registration Form– We will fill this out for you at time of installation so all you have to do will be review it for accuracy and click “DONE”  Fast and easy

Virginia DEQ Oyster Gardening Guide  Download Guide PDF from link to left in blue. The DEQ link above has a host of other links related to oyster gardens and oyster gardening.  Guide  contains the Abbreviated Joint Permit Application For Noncommercial Riparian Shellfish Aquaculture Structures – “Oyster Gardening” on page 12 & 13. Actual application direct link

Virginia Restoration Efforts

Maryland Facts about Oyster Gardening-no additional effort on your part here.  We do it for you.

Department of the Army Corps of Engineers General Use Permit

Maryland Water Quality Testing Link  –Please remember and heed the above link State of Maryland Health Advisory for Oyster Gardeners as you examine this link.    This link is provided to illustrate how your tax dollars are used in an extensive serious effort to ensure that the commercial oyster operations only sell safe oysters.   At shore and near shore water quality is never the same as some of the testing sites further away from the shoreline. ( See last 4 line paragraph of this link.)   A severe negative long term economic impact could effect restaurants and the entire Maryland commercial oyster industry if the State of Maryland Health Advisory for Oyster Gardeners is not heeded.  Thank you.

Research papers:


The Relation of Sedimentation to Growth Rate in the Eastern Oyster

Nutrient Removal by Oysters

Eastern Oyster