Welcome!  We manufacture and provide only the finest self cleaning oyster floats for Oyster Gardening, mostly to Maryland and Virginia oyster gardeners for oyster gardening aquaculture.  Usually, in Maryland  we do this by first knocking on your door to share information about the little known Maryland $500 or $1,000 Aquaculture Oyster Float Tax Credit offered exclusively to Maryland Residential Waterfront Homeowners and Deeded Boat Slip owners. Why,  you ask? Maryland Citizens pay over $2 Billion in waterfront activities and told their government representatives that they want their clean water back. Representatives asked University of Maryland PhD. Researchers for a solution.  Researchers determined that 1) one adult oyster filters and cleans about 50-60 gallons of water a day, and 2) the Maryland – Virginia Chesapeake Bay and tributaries are down to about 1% of historical oyster levels due to over harvesting!       Oysters play the most major and vital role in cleaning and restoring the waters vibrant health.  Oyster Gardeners conducting oyster gardening are a key component to water quality recovery.  Thus Maryland oyster gardening receives a cost efficient aquaculture oyster float tax credit.  Your fellow Maryland and Virginia citizens urgently request for your help, by you putting oyster floats at your dock.  Your water quality improvement participation and growing of your very own oysters in oyster gardens will be admired. The kids may learn something too about Maryland and Virginia oyster gardening.  What a great legacy! They also make a great Birthday or Christmas present!

 We use only the finest oyster float materials and equipment available to fabricate and install maintenance free oyster floats so you can grow your own oysters in your very own oyster garden and become an oyster gardener.  When the oysters become full grown you can choose to keep your oyster gardens or we can facilitate a donation of your oyster gardens to a nearby oyster sanctuary.   We service Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina Residents.  We can ship completed Oyster Lodges anywhere worldwide.

Want more fish, crabs, shrimp and minnows around your dock?  All aquatic creatures love to hang around the clean water that oysters provide.  Picture Oyster Lodges at every dock filtering water with every tide change.

Our Vision

The Vision of Chesapeake River Restorations is to be one of the premier organizations who assists home / slip owners with restoring water clarity to the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries by the use of self cleaning Oyster Lodge oyster floats for oyster gardens.

Our Mission

Enable oyster gardening by each Maryland, Virginia or North Carolina Residential Waterfront Homeowner and deeded boat slip owner by assisting in the continuous hosting of labor free Oyster Lodge oyster floats (at no cost in Maryland).  The oyster gardens continuously clean the waters flowing through their dock or slip.  This clean water will assist in the recovery of habitat for all salt water creatures living in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. 

Guiding Principles-

Chesapeake River Restorations shall serve our customers by adhering to the highest ethical standards, while complimenting other organizational efforts to maximize the oyster population in the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries.  Improvement of our Oyster Lodge Oyster Floats and our services is an never ending process.

The incredible, innovative self cleaning Oyster Lodge oyster floats for Oyster Gardening and oyster gardens are available to any salt waterfront commercial or residential property owner in any state or territory of the United States of America. Certain offers on this web site are exclusively available in Maryland and in some cases, Virginia and North Carolina.